Why and What is GoforPractice?

Did you know on average you blink 25,000 a day.

Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.— Booker T. Washington

Why GoforPractice?

It is well known that "Practice Makes a Man Perfect" and education is no exception. While the School and its teachers script the core foundation for Students, a regular practice program under a challenging environment could bring the very best out of them. GoforPractice.com (GFP) hereby present to you with a Robust Practice Platform.

We all would agree that Regular Learning is better than the Last-Minute Learning and also that Conceptual Learning is more effective than Rote Learning. Keeping this direction in mind, GFP has developed a vast set of MCQ, each of which has been carefully crafted by the GFP team comprised of educators with dozens of Man-years of experience.Learning is important and Testing what we have learnt is even more important .

Salient Features of our Practice Tests

The Fabulous Fifteen

Convenient Accessible anytime, anywhere, any device.
Extensive Vast and diverse pool of 1000s of MCQs.
Structured Questions are categorised under Subject & Chapters Practice Tests.
Engaging All Practice Tests are standardised to a set of 10 Q only, to maintain interest.
Progressive Divided in A, B and C category to Provide & Test 3 levels of difficulty.
Modular Ability to generate your own Multi-Chapter Practice Test.
Elaborative Explanations to correct & incorrect options provide lot of information.
Custom-fit Allows creating your own Revision Practice Listing.
Inclusive Score to measure the efficiency and overrun, if any, in addition to knowledge.
Analytical Strong and Pointed analytics to lead to improved performance.
Score Dashboard Drill-Down Dashboard to provide both Macro and Micro View.
Competitive Results shown in comparison with the City users and the GFP community.
Archived Historical record of Practice Tests kept for future reference.
User Friendly Easy Navigation and Tabs make the experience a breeze.
Rewarding Learn with a Dash of Fun. Get GFP rewards for performance.

What is GoforPractice?


The Practice ecosystem here allows the users to assess and evaluate themselves on the knowledge and efficiency.

The Questions are categorised under various Classes, Subjects and Chapters that would provide you with ample opportunities to test your knowledge and efficiency. You can dive into hundreds of Practice Tests available online at GFP, to solidifying your concepts and remove doubts & ambiguities. The real time assessement on the Practice Tests would give a direction to buck on weak trends and ride on the confidence of the stronger ones. A scientific system of evaluation would follow and guide you on the path of improvement. A personalised dashboard would accompany you during the course of this journey. We have made the exercise to be fun, challenging & rewarding.