About Us

Who we are

GoforPractice is nurtured by GFP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for creating simple, efficient and effective educational products with the help of technology. GoforPractice has been established by professionals from the fields of Technology, Education and Finance with dozens of years of experience working in Multinational Bluechip Companies across global geographies. We are supported by a strong group of team members, advisors and industry experts with rich experience in leading successful ventures across consulting, service and product segments.

GoforPractice is made possible with the vision of parents and teachers of school-going students, to provide a basic platform required to test and hone their knowledge and skills. With the comprehensive set of tests and assessment, the platform is designed to be a real workhorse and be gentle on navigation and user experience. GoforPractice currently provides test content that is primarily aligned with India CBSE syllabus while students of other State Board and ICSE syllabus can also explore this online digital platform.